SHINIES - Tangle E.P

Tangle E.P


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12" Vinyl EP 4 tracks £6.00
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SHINIES - Tangle E.P

Available in clear frosted 12" vinyl and digitally from iTunes

The Tangle EP is a massive evolution from their DIY basement beginnings. Produced by MJ of Hookworms and mastered by Rory Attwell, it is their most refined record to date. All four tracks are classic, euphoric melody-driven lo-fi pop, demonstrating their ability to balance poppy hooks with swirling guitars and frantic rhythms.


12" Vinyl EP (DBR008VL)
  1. SHINIES - Taste
  2. SHINIES - Salt
  3. SHINIES - Plasticine
  4. SHINIES - Vitamins
Download EP (DBR008)
  1. Shinies - Taste
  2. Shinies - Salt
  3. Shinies - Plasticine
  4. Shinies - Vitamins